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Digital analyst Phil Leigh has an interview with Caroline Gabriel of Rethink Research.  She is providing a free presentation about her new $1,500 research report on the WiMax Market.

From Phil:

If you want to learn more about the developing market opportunities in WiMax, this interview is for you.

 Just about everybody with a modern laptop computer today realizes that WiFi is the wireless technology that enables them to connect to the Internet conveniently at various privately owned “hot spots” around town. Perhaps the best known example is the local Starbucks Coffee Shop. But it wasn’t too many years ago when WiFi hot spots were new concepts that many of us had trouble understanding before actually using them.

 It appears that the next stage in the evolutionary trend will be WiMax. But WiMax will offer much more than WiFi. First, it will support much higher data rates so that it will be suitable for video. Second, in its second (mobile) iteration it will enable cellular-telephone-like handoff so that users may stay connected from one base station to another. That provides total mobility.

WiMax basically points the way to fourth generation wireless networks in which voice is merely one application, and a prosaic one, that subscribers run on their portable devices.  Various Digital Media applications involving video, audio, and music will also be routine.

One cogent industry observer, lost to memory, once said, “The future has already arrived, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Our guest today points out that South Korea is well ahead in both wireless and broadband Internet. She feels that the country’s WiMax network will be fully operational by the middle part of next year and that it will provide a test case as to just how effective WiMax will be in practice.

Link to the presentation (WebEx) here.


Alex Eckelberry