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We have confirmed that with Friday’s definitions set #526, CounterSpy version 2.1 users may encounter problems opening a command prompt box or running programs that open command prompts.

Active Protection (AP) in CSC 2.1 with this definition set will erroneously report that CMD.EXE is a trojan (Trojan-Proxy.Agent.CL), then attempt (and fail) to quarantine the file. Although the quarantine action will fail, these AP prompts can become tiresome, especially if a program that is dependent on running a component from a command prompt fails.

This bug is fixed in today’s definition update, definition #527. To access the update, simply update your definitions in CounterSpy.

Please note that on-demand scans of the PC are unaffected by this glitch and CSC will not detect CMD.EXE during a Quick Scan or Full Scan. This glitch affects only CounterSpy 2.1’s Active Protection. Also, our testing indicates that CounterSpy 1.5 is completely unaffected by this glitch.

We sincerely regret the error.

Alex Eckelberry