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I see this as pure legal chicanery.  Google is being sued for “taking in billions of dollars by allowing child pornography” and “other obscene content” through adwords.

People may have complaints about Google in some areas, but in my personal experience with the security people at Google, this is a company that takes these types of issues very seriously.  When notified of an offending site, they take prompt and immediate action to remove the links.  It’s ridiculous to even allege that the company has made “billions of dollars” from this type of stuff.

Of course, these folks doing the suing are the same ones who “sought at least $10 million for alleged sex discrimination against Atlantic City, N.J., casino cocktail waitresses and $600 million from the maker of an ephedra-based dietary supplement claimed to cause the death of a Baltimore Orioles pitcher.”

It’s a silly lawsuit and I’m sure will be dismissed.

Alex Eckelberry