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Here’s a curious bit of spam mail involving the well worn subject of Green Card Lotteries:

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Did you know the “Department of State” send out random emails from a free MSN address? No, neither did I. This multicoloured monstrosity claims you’ve won a US green card, then goes on to say you need to stump up $400 to seal the deal anyway.

Yeah, brilliant. They also claim you’ll get a “free airline ticket to the US”, use a lesser known .hm domain as their contact email address and their website contains the following disclaimer:

“USGreenCardLottery(dot)org is a division of ‘US IMMIGRATION CENTER’, a private entity not affiliated with the U.S. Government.”

What a great name for a private entity, and not at all confusing. The best is saved for last, which would be the location of the lady who supposedly sent you this ticket to a new way of life in the first place:

Poor old Ken.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Alex)