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As reported earlier, is responsible for a big fat backdoor download of .net. Well, we have confirmed that Grokster is now including in their payload.

Mind you, the .net download is about 23MBs, but installed it’s close to 65MBs.

And from the Deliciously Ironic Department, displays movie trailers. So you have a peer-to-peer application now promoting movie trailers.

A recent Grokster download by one of our researchers showed it installed the following adware programs:

  • AltNet BDE (Brilliant Digital Entertainment)
  • DelfinProject
  • FlashTrack
  • GAIN/Gator
  • MyWay
  • SurfSideKick2
  • Topmoxie WebCPR

Fun pic below with a Fat Albert ad (and a careful eye will see the Grokster icons):

Alex Eckelberry