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+1 if you immediately understood the title before reading the article. +2 if you still have no idea by the end of it.

There’s a Spanish language Facebook fakeout knocking around this week, a variation on a tried and tested scam theme (aren’t they all?)

Here’s a “Facebook Dislike Button” site, located at descargarapida(dot)es:

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A Justin Bieber themed Dislike scam, no less! Well, we can all get behind that.

Anyway, according to my reasonably decent translation program the text reads:

“New Button: Do not like! Install on your Facebook profile now”

Meme fans will no doubt be giggling away at the “Me Gusta / No Me Gusta” buttons. Everyone else should be making a mental note never to fall for the “Click here to install a no like button” scams, regardless of language or how many pictures of Justin Bieber they splash across the screen. A few days ago it was serving up a “login to see these girls in a pool” page – however, at time of writing the page cannot be reached and loops you back to the Bieber boobery. Thanks to the magic of Google Cache, we can take a look at what was taking place:

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Some of the text is now in Finnish – “Post this link to your wall.” Meanwhile, the text in the share box is still in Spanish: “These girls are drunk, watch this video” or words to that effect. We’re linked to Veedeotube(dot)com, however the site currently just loops round in circles.

If I had to guess at what this one involves when fully working, I’d be tempted to say “pops up a survey”. Who knows, but I’m nominating all of the above for a definite “Not Like”. In fact, you could say….

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Robert for sending this one over)