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Our building is a haven for pigeons.  And it’s no exaggeration — this building has had a major pigeon problem for years, and everything has been tried to combat the problem.

Enter Hudson, our neighborhood hawk.  He lives in a tree nearby and every day, swoops over to our building for lunch.  I was standing out in the garage once when he dropped by for a snack — it was quite an experience to see a hawk grab a less-than-enthusiastic pigeon right in front of me.  Let’s say that the pigeon problem isn’t nearly as bad as it once was… 

And our well-fed predatory friend makes for some stunning photographs, and our creative director, Robert LaFolette, has been photographing Hudson routinely (as well as other hawks, including recording their beautiful cries).  The pictures are great, and Florida Wildlife Magazine recently picked up a picture of Hudson (as well as a bunch of others) for its latest issue.




Now, I wonder if we could figure out a way to point Hudson in the direction of…


Alex Eckelberry