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Dude! Chill! EVERYBODY wants to shoot them!

A variety of news outlets are reporting an incident in Salt Lake City in which an employee of a mortgage company allegedly got drunk at a concert, returned to his office and put several .45 caliber bullets into a company server with a handgun. Damage was estimated at $100,000.

According to police, Joshua Lee Campbell, who worked for RANLife Home Loans, is facing charges of:
— felony criminal mischief (second-degree felony)
— carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence (class B misdemeanor)
— providing false information to police (class B misdemeanor)

Police said Campbell told them he’d been beaten, robbed of his gun and given drugs by his attackers. When police interviewed Campbell’s friends, however, they said he had threatened to shoot the machine.

Most news outlets played the story straight, though some couldn’t resist the humor. accompanied the story with a clip from the movie “Office Space” of three guys destroying a computer with a baseball bat.

KAKE TV in Wichita, Kan. Ran the headline: “Employee Tries To Reboot Computer With Gun”

Tom Kelchner