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An acceptable use policy doesn’t enforce itself

The inspector general of the U.S. Security and Exchange commission has run 33 investigations in the last five years of agency employees viewing and collecting Internet pornography instead of working, the Associated Press has reported.

In one instance, a senior attorney at the SEC headquarters in Washington, D.C., spent as much as eight hours per day downloading porn, filling his hard drive then burning files to DVDs, which he kept in his office. He resigned.

In another case, an accountant amassed a porn collection on his hard drive using Google images to avoid network web filtering which blocked his browsing porn web sites more than 16,000 times in a month. He received a 14-day suspension.

Seventeen employees who were under investigation were considered at a senior level and made salaries up to $222,000.

The SEC IG said there were two cases in 2007 and 16 in 2008. The massive economic downturn began in mid-2007 and exploded late in 2008.

Story here: “SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed”

Tom Kelchner