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(A pen-tester is hacker lexicon for “penetration tester” — a “white hat” hacker.)

The SecuriTeam blog has a very funny satire on “how to be hired as a pen tester”:

Rule 1 – You can’t run Windows. Seriously, don’t even consider showing up to a Con|interview|class|etc with Windows. Even if you have to run a CD distro, or OpenBSD at runlevel 3, you must do it. You will be scoffed at and not taken seriously with a Windows machine. For bonus points, put con stickers or anti-microsoft stickers on the laptop. You get extra bonus points if you’re running a MAC. Just pull up Safari and browse over to slashdot. Yeah, you’re rolling hardcore now.

Rule 2 – You must have complete and utter disdain for any authority figure. You’re the rebel – the misunderstood creative genius. Act the part.

More here.


Alex Eckelberry
(Hat tip to Gadi Evron)