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Consumer Reports pulls car seat report due to flawed methodology.

NHTSA that raised questions about whether the tests conducted by the non-profit group accurately simulated the conditions they were supposed to.

“Our initial review of the Consumer Reports testing procedures showed a significant error in the manner in which it conducted and reported on its side-impact tests,” said NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason in a statement posted on the agency’s Website.

If you’ll recall, last year a number of people in the industry had serious concerns about Consumer Reports’ testing methodology for spyware and viruses. Their antispyware testing was, bluntly, laughable.

So, how many consumers will continue to be misled by CR’s testing methodology? I know I get comment storms from CR supporters, but we know of so many flawed tests — everything from hybrid cars, cat food, cameras and flipping Suzukis. I would postulate that the reason for their problems is that the organization fiercely believes in its independence, which means that they may not consult with industry experts who know more about how to test their own products than the testing organization itself. There is bias. There is also expertise. The two can be mutually exclusive.

Alex Eckelberry