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Keep in mind that the RIAA is still up to its jackboot bullying tactics.   Here’s the story:  A mother of 5 pushes back against the RIAA, so they drop the suit, only to turn around and go after the kids.

The five companies suing Santangelo, of Wappingers Falls, filed a motion Tuesday in federal court in White Plains asking Judge Colleen McMahon to dismiss the case. Their lead counsel, Richard Gabriel, wrote in court papers that the record companies still believe they could win damages against Santangelo but their preference was to “pursue defendant’s children.”

Santangelo’s lawyer, Jordan Glass, said the dismissal bid “shows defendants can stand up to powerful plaintiffs.” He noted, however, that the companies were seeking a dismissal “without prejudice,” meaning they could bring the action again, “so I’m not sure what that’s worth.”

Link here (via boingboing).

I’m all for protecting IP (heck, I make my living off of IP), but can’t the RIAA figure out how this stupid and vicious campaign is hurting them?  What a PR fiasco.  And what a bunch of idiots.

Alex Eckelberry