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Eric Goldman, Marquette Law faculty professor has blogged about the Direct Revenue court ruling.

It seems he thinks it’s a big deal.

He thinks it may set a precedent that downloading Direct Revenue software could be considered a Trespass to Chattels (“a somewhat obscure tort action arising out of unauthorized dispossession, use, or interference with the tangible property of another.”). Wiki explaining the concept here.

Eric’s words:

“I trust we all can appreciate the floodgates of litigation that may open if undisclosed downloading of software (not just adware) onto a user’s computer can support a trespass to chattels claim (if you’re having trouble visualizing, just think two words: Flash and Java). We’ll have to see if the court puts any better parameters on its thinking at the summary judgment stage.”

Alex Eckelberry 
(Tip o’ the hat to Suzi)