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PaperGhost chats with a botnetter.

Pg : Ok cool. what method of payments are available?

Support (02:33 PM) : wire, webmoney,egold, western union

Pg : k. lets talk risk – do you actually own these servers, or are they hacked boxes?

Support (02:36 PM) : no they are legally bought servers. we dont mess around with hacked boxes. we have our own datacenter setup – what contents are u planning to host? let me tell u scam is not allowed.

One of my favorites:

Pg: Well, first we have exploits that compromise servers, then inject packets that redirect the end user to our exploit page, which installs adware, trojans etc – at this point we install RADmin server tools to gain control, then download and install our own version of bittorrent….at that point, we start shovelling pirated movies onto the PCs, all kinds of dodgy content, then we “contact” the box owners and threaten to “expose” them to the police etc unless they pay us money each month to keep quiet about it

Support (02:42 PM) : LOL. thats nasty and dirty but i love it. thats so bitchy….but here is the solution i got. i have a nasty datacenter in korea…good bandwidth

Link here.

It’s a really good read. 

Alex Eckelberry