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Yesterday I gave a talk at IRISSCON 2010 about how naughty internet people can do horrible things to your brand, and some of the stranger ways things can go spectacularly wrong for your company. A big “well done” to the organisers – I heard nothing but good things all day long in relation to how good the event was.

Typically, the sessions had so many people stuffed into the room they had to open the doors and bring in extra chairs:

Pretty awesome, eh?

I’m told this was the second IRISSCON, and there must have been around 130+ people listening to what the speakers had to say. Talks covered everything from social engineering & blagging your way past security (Peter Wood) to a look at the rather complicated rogue security software moneytrail courtesy of Robert McArdle.

There was also an address given by Howard Schmidt, albeit through the medium of “large talking head on a screen”.

Howard Schmidt

I must admit, I had flashbacks to this advert (there was no hammer throwing and he was very nice so that evens things out). Interestingly, Amazon were there and recruiting security people – engineers and database types, from the sound of it. So if you’re looking for work and available in either Seattle or Dublin you might want to drop them a line on their careers page. They also had this awesome cardboard robot on the stand which just sweetens the deal:

Amazon robot of doom.

You know you want one.

I know the conference organisers will be uploading pictures / video / presentations from the conference very soon, and I’ll link to said material when it arrives. I’ll also be posting up some handy hints and tips ripped from my own presentation. For now, here’s some badly taken photographs.

Christopher Boyd