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Spam-advertised training drops from $197 to $ 59.90

Elizabeth Jackson, “America’s Top Work At Home Consultant” spammed emailed me again. I can’t understand why her generous offers (making $75 per hour!) keep going into that pesky spam folder.

HEA spam

It might be a time warp thing, since her email was dated 14 years in the future. Of course you might expect ripples in the space-time continuum from a domain named “” Whois says it’s registered in Romania and has a tech contact with an email address at

Sapm ISP

We blogged about Elizabeth and “Work at Home Position Placement” July 7. This month she appears to be working for Home Employment Agency.

Home Employment Agency

Her new “Work-At-Home” web site is just as verbose as the last one – a pitch that runs to about 7,000 words. Near the end she finally mentions the price. It’s considerably lower than the $197 last month:


I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Elizabeth again, although the “INCOME CLAIM WARNING” on the web page hints that Elizabeth doesn’t really exist. It also hints that if you sign up for the program, you might not make any money at all and that the people giving testimonials were paid to do so and the pictures of them are really of somebody else.

But then, the date on the email was in the year 2024.

Tom Kelchner