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Joanna_RutkowskaI’m not sure if anyone picked this up last week, but Joanna Rutkowska, a security researcher and rootkit wunderkind, claims to have developed a new technology she calls “Blue Pill”, which uses AMD’s Secure Virtual Machine technology to create:

…a malware (e.g. a network backdoor, keylogger, etc…) whose capabilities to remain undetectable do not rely on obscurity of the concept. Malware, which could not be detected even though its algorithm (concept) is publicly known. Let’s go further and imagine that even its code could be made public, but still there would be no way for detecting that this creature is running on our machines…

Link here.

Since it’s based off of AMD’s SVM technology (implemented in Pacifica), she theorizes it’s possible to make Blue Pill work on most any 64–bit OS, including Vista, Linux distros, etc.

Gotta love Joanna. 

Alex Eckelberry