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There’s a couple of Youtube style pages out there right now asking users to fill in “Security Verification” boxes to access the content. Some of these sites spam facebook profiles once you jump through the CAPTCHA boxes, while others pop up a survey (what else?)


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Filling in the CAPTCHA takes the user to de85(dot)info, where they’ll get an eyeful of a video about a dad walking in on his daughter doing a dance or whatever.

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While you watch the above video (yes, they actually give you a video to watch for a change) your Facebook profile will find itself with a new update:

Whatever words you type in the CAPTCHA are the words that appear on the Facebook post, so the CAPTCHA copy & paste in the example above says “ha haha” (which is probably what your friends will say when they see this appear on your wall).

Here’s videos(dot)lolvids(dot)be after you’ve ventured past the CAPTCHA stage:

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Yep, it’s our old friend “Mr Survey Popup box”.

Don’t bother with either of these two – although they are actually offering up content (instead of “rewarding” you with a screenshot of a Youtube video), the content is freely available anyway without having to fill in surveys or spam your profile walls to see it.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Wendy for additional research).