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I have been testing IE 7 but found that a couple of the keyboard shortcuts that I used with IE 6 no longer work due to changes in the design.  It’s really minor stuff, but I mentioned this to Rob Franco on the IE 7 team, and he was kind enough to point me to a link that provides all the keyboard shortcuts in IE 7.   If you’re like me and think that mice should be in cages, this is the site for you.

Many are content to spend all day clicking fancy looking buttons or menu items in order to get their tasks accomplished, but those who know the correct keyboard and mouse shortcuts can often get around applications more efficiently: Browsing the web with Internet Explorer is no exception. I want to take a minute to discuss a few useful shortcuts already available in IE6 that will help you get around the web, and then list some great new shortcuts we are providing in IE7.

First: Getting around the web in Internet Explorer 6

Basic navigation

To do the following Press this
Go Back to the last page* Alt+Left Arrow
Go Forward to the next page* Alt+Right Arrow
Stop the page from loading** Escape (Esc)
Refresh the page*** F5 or Ctrl+F5
Go to your Homepage Alt+Home
Give focus to the Address Bar Alt+D
Add “www.” and “.com” to what you typed
in the address bar before navigating****
Scroll down/up the web page Spacebar / Shift+Spacebar
Close the window Alt+F4

More here.

Alex Eckelberry