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Klieser123871823123888Peter Kleissner has published a rather tasteless April fools joke, a supposed article that states he has been convicted of selling Ikarus source code.  Ikarus is his former employer, and is the subject of a current squabble.  

Kleissner, a brash and very smart Austrian 20–year old, gained notoriety as a teenager at Blackhat 2009 by releasing Stoned Bootkit, an MBR rootkit he created.  This created all kinds of messiness, being banned from the AV community and fired from his job at Ikarus.  Things got uglier when he published a site, avtracker, which tracks what IP numbers antivirus companies use (hence, assisting malware authors in avoiding detection).  Not good. There’s much more to say about Kleissner, whose antics are sometimes dizzying.  I’ll leave that story for someone else.

Alex Eckelberry