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Not in your pocket

This surfaced today:

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It’s another Facebook scam, this time trading off game maker Zynga’s name:

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The page prompts you to “like” and “share” its advertisement. It looks like about 6,500 people did at this point. We checked later and Facebook users were “liking” it at the rate of 800 “likes” per hour.

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If you click through without sharing or posting the notice, you still get the offer — some adware-infected games and job search help. Obviously somebody is hoping to make some money as an affiliate, passing along “customers” to a variety of sites:

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Bubble Boomers – great game.

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About three weeks ago GFI Sunbelt blogger Chris Boyd wrote about a similar scam. Obviously, the stakes are going up since that offer was only ONE million chips,

He concluded:

“I doubt we’ve seen the last of this one…”

He was right.

Tom Kelchner