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The problem of being blacklisted by a security product has spawned a new entrepreneurial activity: Lobbying security companies to become delisted.

Bill Belcamino, a former executive with Miva and Auctiva, has started a new company, called Antivirus Compliance.

The goal of this company is to get companies off the detections of antivirus/antispyware engines, and improve their ratings in places like SiteAdvisor.

He’s proud of his accomplishments:

I personally found the domain, defined all aspects of the new brand, defined the Antivirus Compliance strategy and ultimately delivered the clean ALOT toolbar and homepage solution. I repaired the flagged website and worked with McAfee SiteAdvisor to change the RED rating to GREEN to reflect my efforts. I defined and vetted with industry experts the strategy for the cleanup of (in progress). I have an unblemished track record in this space and am highly confident that I can repeat this process for any challenges that may be in front of your company.

How will being clean impact the bottom line?

As a direct result of my leadership, steady product vision and Antivirus Compliance expertise, the ALOT brand significantly outperforms the legacy Starware brand: RPMLU is 62% higher and retention is 14% improved and revenue growth is phenomenal. Every product success metric is up, while the brand is able to provide a clean, virus free and malware-free user experience.

However, let’s consider that, and are all owned by Miva — a company without the most perfect reputation (remember Starware?). And let’s remember that has stuff still listed by quite a few folks.

While my blog headline might have been provocative, it could be argued that Belcamino may be performing a service in helping companies clean up their act. However, I do hope that security companies rely on their own networks of contacts and information to make an informed decision. Ultimately, it’s the user who will be impacted in any de-listing decision.

Alex Eckelberry