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I’m looking for between 40-50 spyware fighters to be part of an advance test team on new spyware technologies and spyware definitions.

This would entail helping us test new definitions and new software versions and providing feedback on the product to us.

In return, you’ll get a free license to the product, direct access to our quality assurance team, and the knowledge that you’ll be a key part of helping a lot of other users.

One key role you would provide as a Sunbelt Spyware Fighter is helping us do “rapid response” testing.

We currently have over 25,000 new threat signatures in the queue for testing. The challenge of putting in threat signatures is that each type of spyware needs to be painstakingly tested for depth of removal, as well as to insure there are no false positives. Our research team is putting them in as quickly as possible, but we need a second line of testing right behind them. As part of being a rapid response tester, you would get live definitions directly from Quality Assurance prior to them being released to the public.

Let me know if you’d like to become involved. Simply email me at here.

Alex Eckelberry
Sunbelt Software