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Yesterday during Halloween, we held our first-ever (and hopefully last) Lucha Libre fight, right here at Sunbelt Software.

The fight, between El Perro Grande and Senor del Dolor was refereed by Eduardo Rapido and took place in our building lobby and outside.

If you really want to completely waste time, you can view the footage for yourself.

Part 1 (indoors):


Windows Media High res

Windows Media Lo res

Part 2, outdoors, which shows El Perro Grande being unmasked


Windows Media High res

Windows Media Lo res

Bonus footage — more of the same


El Perro Grande: Sunbelt’s IT Manager, John Jacobson
Senor del Dolor: Sunbelt’s VP of Product Management, Greg Kras
Eduardo Rapido (Spanish for “Fast Eddie”): Martin Hine, sales account manager

As a final note, I want to assure everyone that yes, we do actually perform work at this company.   It’s just that we also take our time to have a bit of fun!


Alex Eckelberry