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Chat networks and blogs are being used to lure movie fans to malicious sites promising: “Watch New Moon Full Movie,” according to blogger Byron Acohido.

The much anticipated movie “New Moon” is due to open tomorrow.

The malicious operators are using search engine optimizations techniques to lure “New Moon” fans to sites with malicious downloads of a rogue security product and bot malware. If a victim goes to the site he or she is told to download a viewer called “streamviewer” to watch the movie. The download is a Trojan and they get infected.

For those who’ve already infected themselves, he quotes Sunbelt Chief Technical Officer Eric Sites:

”For anyone whose PC is already hopelessly infested with scareware and/or other infectious programs, Sunbelt Software’s free deep scanning tool could be a godsend. VIPRE Rescue can neutralize many of the nastiest scareware promos, rootkits and keyloggers lurking on your hard drive, and bogging down your machine’s performance.

“VIPRE Rescue makes it easy to wipe out infections on a nearly inoperable computer, often times enabling successful repair, as well as installation of necessary security applications to prevent these infections from happening in the future.” post here.

Tom Kelchner