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From the sicko department . . . We have received multiple public reports of attackers using the recent murder of 18 year old college student Emily Sander (AKA “Zoey Zane” in the adult film industry world) as a lure to install malware.


Dental records have confirmed that a body found near a Kansas highway is missing community college student and Internet porn star Emily Sander, authorities said. An autopsy has been completed, but the results have been sealed and are not available to the media . . . After Sander disappeared, it was discovered that the 18-year-old college student led a double life as “Zoey Zane,” a character she played on Internet porn sites.

Attackers have obtained very good search engine position when looking for information about “Zoey Zane”, and users may be lured into installing an “ActiveX upgrade” or “Flash Player” upgrade in order to view a video.



In actuality, this “ActiveX video decoder” or “Flash Player Upgrade” is a Trojan that install a Browser Helper Object (BHO) which produces fake pop-up messages and modifies search engine results in an attempt to install the Rogue Software IE Defender.



Adam Thomas