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Celebrities and Hollywood gossip sites. Can’t say I frequent them very much, but if I did, I’d probably see something similar to karibyron-hot(dot)cz(dot)cc.

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Besides the images of people walking away from explosions in slow motion and photographs of actors I’ve never heard of are videos lurking further down the page. What do you think happens if the end-user tries to watch them?


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It seems there’s an error connecting to the server, and you need to go watch the video on “ExclusioTube”, which is surely one of the better YouTube style names I’ve seen.

Presenting Exclusiotube(dot)usa(dot)cc:

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If you want to see the “hot Kari Byron video”, you have to update your Flash Player.

Imagine the dismay of the end-user dismay when they realise Kari has turned into a rogue security program.

She probably won’t sign any autographs, either…

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Patrick Jordan for finding this one)