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This morning, SANs reported scattered reports that MS07–040 (KB928365), which attempts to resolve certain security issues in .NET, is causing problems:

It seems there are a number of readers struggling with the MS07-040 patch for the .NET framework on what appears to be mostly clients.

The reports we got so far seem not to lead to any specific thing that happens in many cases, just various things going haywire. We really do appreciate the heads-up warnings we get from our readers as it allows to write little warnings like this one.

We also have confirmed field reports of certain issues occurring subsequent to the patch, specifically with our Ninja Email Security (which uses .NET). Reports from our customers are also scattered — many customers are experiencing no issues at all. The workaround is generally to uninstall the patch.

We are currently working with Microsoft on trying to understand exactly the nature of the problem. If you are a Ninja customer and are experiencing any issues, please contact our support department.

Alex Eckelberry