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Big article by Mitch in InformationWeek.  Read the article Claria Software Seeks Legitimacy, and the sidebar “Claria—Unsafe at any speed”.


-Claria is trying to shed its image as a spyware company.

-They disagree with assertions that their software is spyware. According to Claria marketing honcho Scott Eagle, “Users know they have our software. They use it hundreds of millions of times. We expose our terms of service; all roads lead to full exposure. They know we have pop-up ads.”

-Their new behavior analysis technology is touted as the future of advertising on the internet (Claria: “In five to ten years, all marketing will be behavior marketing,”)

-They are launching a new downloadable program, called PersonalWeb, which will generate a personalized home page based on the user’s behavior (why would anyone want this?).

-InformationWeek tests two Claria applications to see if they are, in fact, legit.   The results?  Insufficient disclosures on the types of data collected and confusing EULAs. Read the analysis here.

Lots more in the two articles.