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We’re seeing quite a few posts on various social networking sites such as Facebook regarding a program that claims to hack the guts out of Modern Warfare 2 on XBox, Playstation and PC before turning you into an unstoppable super soldier of doom.

modbox spam
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The “program” is called ModBox, weighs in at 319KB and is completely useless. That doesn’t matter to the creators, who have put up a number of blogs promoting not only the program, but fake “past versions” of said program too:

mod progs
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Mod pics

All very convincing to the average gamer in need of a quick cheating fix.

To get your hands on the program, they follow the well worn tactic of asking you to spam the living daylights out of Facebook, then fill in a Sharecash survey.

spamblog pic
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28,220 people have hit the “Like” button on Facebook for this so far. I wonder how many of them still liked it after signing their life away to surveys only to see this on the desktop:

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Can you say Boom, Headshot?

Christopher Boyd