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Modern Warfare 2 raised a lot of questions. How did a regular Marine suddenly end up on a specialist covert mission? Why didn’t he just shoot the terrorists the moment they entered the airport? Why would a US General angry at losing so many troops in the first game decide to get his “revenge” by ensuring thousands more died in a Russian invasion of America? Why was it okay to show Russian tourists killed in an airport but not one single civilian (dead or otherwise) during the American levels? How did Price come to be captured anyway?

Who knows, but that launch trailer above is pretty sweet.

Anyway, Major Game Announcement = shenanigans.

There’s a group being pinged around on Facebook promoting a Modern Warfare 3 demo:

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The URL in question is modernwarfare3demo(dot)com(dot)nu, and is being zinged around gaming forums at the moment:

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MW3 demo? Haha yeah, nice try. As you’ve probably guessed, this is all about making some survey affiliate cash. The reason given for having to pop surveys this time around is that they’ve been “put in place to guarantee you are not a robot that is harvesting demo downloads”.

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I guess every last drop of bandwidth is crucial if you decide to serve demos from a chicken coop located in a field somewhere in Uzbekistan. Or maybe they’re just making poor excuses. Anyway, here’s the first popup:

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Pick a survey, fill things in, wave goodbye and good luck to your personal info as it lurches off toward some random third party marketing guy. A year’s supply of coco pops would be pretty cool though.

Anyway, you fill one of those in, click the “Download” link and you come to….another survey, preventing you from gaining access to the Sharecash hosted download.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to roll with “not going to end up with a Modern Warfare 3 demo” for this one.

For now, I’m fairly certain the closest you’ll get to experiencing the thrills of Modern Warfare 3 is this.

Or not…

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Mr Tom for the tip)