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Earlier today, we blogged that had self-righteously turned down Zango. To quote them:

Lot of updates coming up in March. – 2/20/2008
It looks like we are tagged as harmful website by Google. 70% of our traffic comes from direct visits and not from Google. Hopefully things clear up in the coming week.

Another news is that Zango wanted to pay us $500/day to run their software ads (we make a lot running their affiliate program $1/install), but we refused because we know it will degrade our website’s experience. We can be making $8000/day just from Zango but we refuse to do so! We are not joking, FGX receives 80,000 unique visitors a day and each install is $1. At 10% conversion, we can make $8000/day. We have even disabled all Zango ads from displaying from our ads providers. In one month, we can be making $xxx,xxx, but money is not everything. We hate to see people’s computers infested with spywares and adwares.

We are doing a complete redesign of the website. The new layout will promise to be kickass and the comment system will be upgraded to prevent people from spamming. There will also be a member system where everyone can contribute their family guy arts, reviews, writings, etc… Also the video system will also be changed to something more appropriate.

Well, upon some further research, it turns out that they are actually advertising Zango RIGHT NOW.

So I do hope they deliver on that promise to stop advertising Zango in March…




Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Adam)