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Word is spreading that Sunbelt is being attacked by Hotbar.

Lots of interesting comments from our previous post.

Our crack legal team will be writing a response, which we will post for public viewing in the next week or so. For an example of a prior letter, see our letter to iDownload.

However, some new developments.

1. We found this action by Hotbar against Lavasoft. It is unknown what happened, but it possibly explains this snippet from their letter to us:

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2. Spyware guru Ben Edelman has just done a detailed look at Hotbar’s installation practices.

“This article examines one such installation, its (purported) license agreement, and its effects. Notable characteristics:
• Installation at a site targeting kids.
• License agreement not affirmatively shown. Unhelpful section headings, convoluted language.
• Installation confirmation screen lacks a button or option to cancel installation.
• Intrusive advertising, not specifically disclosed in prior on-screen text, including ads in toolbars, pop-ups, pop-unders, auto-opening sidebars, and desktop icons.”

Alex Eckelberry
NOTICE: Hotbar® and® are Reg. U.S. Pat & TM Off.