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I’m still trying to find the time to actually write a bit about this interesting workshop, but in the meantime, I have some links for you.

There were four panels:

Session I – Defining spyware and adware
Session II – EULAs and you-knows: What is meaningful disclosure?
Session III – The Money Game: How adware works and how it is changing.
Session IV – Future of the antispyware industry

The famous PaperGhost has written about the event.

Bill Pytlovany of BillP Studios has blogged on it with pics too.

Dan Farber at ZDNET has written about the event here and here .

Links to the MP3s of the conference are here (you have to sign up, but it’s free).

Below is a picture of the 4th panel (Future of the Antispyware Business):

Below is a picture of me being a bit grumpy and asking a question of the 180 Solutions CEO about stealth installs of their software. Behind me, in order, are Ben Edelman, Dave Methvin, and Eric Howes. You can hear my chat with him here (this is an excerpt from the ZDNET MP3 of the conference). After my question, Ari Schwartz from the Center for Democracy and Technology pipes in with a comment and Ben Edelman adds a comment.

And thanks to Andrew Brandt at for the pics!

Alex Eckelberry