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Regarding Zango’s lawsuit against PC Tools, this is not a trivial situation and needs to be followed closely in the security industry.

Here’s (apparently) the situation: PC Tools, with their free Google Pack edition (called the PC Tools Starter Edition), is (according to Zango), not providing “users specific warning that Zango’s software will be deleted”.

We are a bit confused by this claim. Both Eric Howes and I loaded the PC Tools Started Edition last night and found no such evidence that Zango is deleted without specific warning.

Here is what the Zango removal process looks like in the PC Tools Starter Edition:





In all cases the user is provided plenty of notice about Zango and what Spyware Doctor Starter Edition is or will be doing with Zango, which is specifically identified.

However, this lawsuit may not be about removal methods — according to PC Tools, it’s about how Zango was classified in their database, as they said in a statement to IDG published this morning:

“We believe the proceedings are an attempt by Zango to influence our reclassification process,” PC Tools said in a statement e-mailed to IDG late Thursday. “Prior to the lawsuit we were well into an in-depth review and reclassification of the latest versions of Zango products,” PC Tools said. “We advised Zango of this imminent re-rating and we believe they have chosen to lodge these proceedings as a way to gain media attention of the review.”

We have offered PC Tools any forensic documentation or assistance they may need in their efforts to defend themselves.

Alex Eckelberry