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Sunbelt Tech Tips are a new feature of our blog.  We’ll going to start sharing with you technical tips on general Windows XP operation. 

Here are some to get you started for the weekend:

Add/Remove Programs displays installed programs incorrectly
If you find that your Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel is displaying the list of installed programs incorrectly, or showing no listed programs at all, it might be because an installer for some program removed some of the registry entries that are used by Windows. You may be able to fix the problem by editing the registry. There are step by step instructions in KB article 266668 here.

How to use the Pageheap.exe Tool
Pageheap.exe is a tool that can be used to detect leaks in programs running on Windows XP and 2000 systems and find heap-related corruption, which is a common problem in application development. Find out where to download the tool and how to use it from KB article 286470 here.

Administrator can’t unlock a locked computer
If you restart a Windows XP computer and you aren’t able to log on with a local or domain account, and you get a message that the computer has been locked and only an administrator can unlock it (but you aren’t able to unlock it with an administrative account), it may be because the screensaver is set to use a non-existent .scr program or you’re using a corrupted screensaver program that’s password protected. What to do? You can edit the registry or use one of the workarounds described in KB article 242917 here.  

Deb Shinder