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There’s some discussion going on on various boards alleging that AVG might be including the Yahoo Toolbar with their new suite (Temerc, DSLR. and Calendar of Updates).

Perplexing was this response to a discussion, apparently (but not confirmed as such) from an AVG employee:

reply to TeMerc
To TeMerc>
Well lets admit people who know “something” about computer dont need it. However there are dozens of BFU in the world and they like it. If you would sell some software product and would like to earn some money, would you focus on few ppl who “know something” or to million other ones?

(BFU is not the most polite term to use in referencing one’s own users.)

At any rate, I took a brief look and it appears that the toolbar is legitimate and is designed by AVG — it’s not the Yahoo Toolbar per se. It incorporates the LinkScanner product they acquired recently. However, it does offer a search functionality, using Yahoo search (meaning, Yahoo pays AVG for search traffic). In other words, it’s not nearly the worst I’ve seen.

Your thoughts?

Alex Eckelberry
(thanks, Bill)