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Interesting read by the folks at Shadowserver:

In the last few months, there has been a significant amount of press coverage given to insidious cyber activity associated with the segment of the Internet known as the “Russian Business Network,” or RBN. Previous studies have suggested that the RBN has ties to nearly every area of cybercrime, including: phishing, malware, DDOS activity, pornography, botnets, and anonymization.

In November 2007, media reporting indicated that a large portion of the RBN “went dark.” Since that time, the Shadowserver Foundation has been more closely analyzing outlying networks implicated as being associated with RBN. One of these suspected outliers is AS9121, known as TurkTelekom. reported in early December 2007 that while not everything in TurkTelekom appears to be malicious, there are some ranges that are “particularly bad” and analysis of Shadowserver Foundation data agrees. Several subranges quickly stand out as being deeply involved in malicious cyber activity: and IP registration indicates these ranges are listed under the name “ABDALLAH INTERNET HIZMETLERI” (AIH).

Link here (pdf).

Alex Eckelberry