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Every now and again, a 419 scam mail comes through that fairly boggles the mind.

This is one such mail.

This is to let you know about scam If you know you have  been scam before, this is an help agent to you. This is to let you know that all of you who had lost money to scammers in Africa and USA, i want to let you know that there is a quick opportunity for you all. Mostly lottery. my name is FBI brad I assure you that i will do all i can to get it back to you in 3 days okay About your lost money…. an opportunity to get your money back to you.

Wait – the gimmick here is that I’ve already been scammed by a 419 mail, but with the aid of “FBI Brad” I can reclaim my money with the aid of some random lottery?

Oh, sign me up.

I believe you know what scam means. We are  global scam fighter in CA 93535. we have all the global scam computer to trace all scammer name and location okay to cut this short..if you had sent money to africa you have a chance to take 1 of them to court because 1 of them had been caught. if you lost money or win deaf lottery contact us quick reply back to this email on [removed].

I’m sure we all wish we had a “global scam computer” to hunt down the bad guys, but in this case all we need is a little common sense. Although a ludicrous attempt at web shenanigans, it still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth due to the fact it plays on the fears of victims who have already lost money to scammers. Unfortunately, it’s a very real possibility that someone desperate enough could stand to lose out twice over.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Christopher Boyd