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These links have been popping up over the last day or so, and seem to be related to the Twitter PDF spam run from a week or so ago. In all cases, the spam comes from accounts with names with no spaces between first and last name, with two random letters at the end.


The one sent to me just now redirected me to a fake antivirus page:

fake av
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spam popups
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I’ve seen other links taking me to pages that tried to do something with Java, and another one that involved lots of women jumping around who apparently forgot to put some clothes on when they got up. I’ve no doubt there are all kinds of horrible things lurking on some of the pages linked to from this spamrun, so please do try to avoid anything that looks like this:

more spam

Something particularly interesting where this spamrun is concerned is the retweeting going on. There’s a couple in the above shot, but look at this:

retweet fail

Not sure why some of them show up as “zero retweet”, but there’s a lot of spam posts with 1 or 2 sitting underneath. The spammers are evolving! Run for the hills!

Well, it’s either that or regular users are happily retweeting the spam. Not sure I want to think about that possibility too much…

Christopher Boyd