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Looks like the Vxgames crew (nasty malware distributors) is getting into fake codecs. These sites do not have links to files… yet.  





And the lies from the Video3x-codec site:

Q: What is a Video3X-codec?
A: Video3X-codec is a special next generation video codec for ADULT movies only.

Q: How is it work?
A: While processing adult movies, all the peculiarities of them are taken into consideration. So, on the base of that the quality of image and sound is greatly improved and they become more real than an ordinary movie.

Q: What’s the difference between free and paid versions?
A: Paid version does not contain any loadable advertising modules. Movie and codec updates are made automatically and absolutely free.

Q: What do I get if I use the codec? What is it for?
A: You get access to a huge collection of porn movies. Everyday’s update of movies, multinisheness and structered, convenient list.

Q: How often are the movies updated?
A: Practically every day.

Q: Cool! Will it run on my computer?
A: If you computer’s operating system is Windiws 95 – Windows XP, then you can use the codec. It integrates to Windows drivers and you can watch movies by any player, compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Obviously, do not download these codecs.  They are bad news.

Patrick Jordan