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What’s in your spam bucket?
(Don’t look, delete it!)

The rules for staying safe from malicious email:

1. Do not open emails from strangers. Delete them and you will be safe.
2. Do not click on links in emails from strangers or open the attachments. You should have deleted them before you saw the links.
3. Do not buy anything or take any action based on something you got in an email from a stranger. You should have deleted the email before you read the pitch.
4. For email that has been forwarded to you by your friends, see Rule 1.

Today I checked out several dozen spam emails that I received in order to illustrate the threats that come with 90 percent of email traffic these days. Yes, an estimated 90 percent of email today is spam. Your ISP or employer may filter a lot, but you’re still going to get some of these “everyday” threats.


Read it here.

Tom Kelchner