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Sunbelt Network Security Inspector

Sunbelt Network Security Inspector (SNSI) is a nifty tool designed for system administrators to look for vulnerabilities on networked devices and systems. We’ve just launched version 2.0. In addition to new functionality, we’ve also adjusted the pricing to be more in-line with customer needs.

Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security software, today announced the release of a major upgrade to Sunbelt Network Security Inspector™ (SNSI). The new version of this network vulnerability scanner delivers significant enhancements including a new scanning engine for faster scan times, a more intuitive user interface, and gives administrators the ability to schedule scans.

SNSI features scanning by IP, port, machine, and service that delivers robust commercial-grade vulnerability scanning that detects a broad range of vulnerabilities in Windows operating system platforms and systems running Sun Solaris, MAC, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux and Mandriva Linux, SUSE Linux, Cisco routers, and HP printers.

Press release, webpage link.

Alex Eckelberry