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This new version has been in development and beta testing for quite some time, and is probably one of the most solid releases of this product ever, going back to its beginning as the Kerio Personal Firewall.

The biggest addition is support for Vista 32 bit (with 64 bit native support on the roadmap).

However, there’s been a lot of under-the-hood improvements in many areas. These include:

• Significant improvement in network performance
• Significant improvement in packet filtering
• Enhanced Process Injection prevention to prevent code injection attempts into Windows system DLLs.
• Numerous stability issues corrected in the firewall service.
• Significant improvement in overall product stability.
• Updated Intrusion Detection rules
• Updated translation files for multiple languages

The new version can be download here, and it will also be available through the “Update” function inside SPF toward the end of the week.

The completion of this major development exercise lays the foundation for SPF’s inclusion into a future release of VIPRE, our upcoming antivirus+antispyware product.

Alex Eckelberry