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The CounterSpy Research and Development Teams have updated CounterSpy and its Definition file to to fix a number of false positives (primarily key loggers) as well as improve the detection of known spyware threats.

The latest version for CounterSpy Client is version 1.0.29. The latest definition file version is 150.

Please insure that you have the latest version and definition numbers by performing the following steps from within CounterSpy.

1. Choose the Help menu, then select “About”. Look for the text that says “CounterSpy Version”. It should say 1.0.29. The text that says “Spyware Definition Version” should say “150”.

2. If you don’t have the latest version, choose the File menu, and then select “Check for Updates”. Wait for the software to complete its check for updates, and then follow any instructions on the screen (specifically look a button labeled “Apply Software Update”).

3. If the update does not work for any reason, you can download it manually from this location.