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Mozilla has had a good idea: checking for outdated Adobe Flash installations during the Firefox update process.

The mechanism hasn’t been announced by Mozilla, but a researcher found that the upcoming releases of the Firefox browser (3.5.3 and 3.0.14) will keep track of Adobe Flash plug-ins and prompt users when updates are available. The check will occur when users update their browser.

Currently, Firefox users can check for updates by checking Tools | Add-ons. A yellow “update” arrow icon will appear in the pop-up window if any updates are available for any add-ons they are running.

It’s been estimated that four out of five web surfers are using an unpatched version of Flash. In July, a Trojan was found that targeted the code used by Adobe Flash (vs. 9 and 10) and Adobe Reader and Acrobat (9.1.2). The malcode was embedded in PDF files.

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Tom Kelchner