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It seems the Northumbria Police Authority website (northumbriapoliceauthority(dot)org(dot)uk) was compromised recently to push a “fight the power” message, and it looks like the defacement is the least of their worries as you’ll see shortly.

What is the Northumbria Police Authority?

We could use my wonderful description (“An Authority for the Northumbria Police”), but I think an official source would likely be more informative. According to that handy link they appoint chief constables, make sure the Police are doing their job and listen to locals complaining which is definitely something I can get behind.

Unfortunately, this is how the Northumbria Police Authority were rolling earlier today in Google Search:

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“The Northumbria Police Authority website was hacked by lamine Foued ( Dr.F0u3D). F*ck You admin. Freedom For T.H.T Anonymous Tunisia :D.”

This isn’t quite a 187 on an undercover cop – in fact, it’s nothing like that – but they’ve still done a number on the website. At time of writing, the hack has been removed though you can still see it basking in, er, glory through the wonders of Google Cache:

Well, the defacement may have been cleaned up, but the Northumbria Police Authority have another problem at the scene of the crime. And by “problem”, I mean “Paypal phish making a gang sign from the comfort of the Northumbria Police Authority website”.

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Call for backup! Anyway, we’ve reported the phish and hopefully it’ll be offline soon enough.

Christopher Boyd