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Frank Krasicki, a teacher (who actually has taught in Norwich in the past) has been covering the Amero scandal on his blog, and he’s pissed.

And now he’s found out something pretty interesting:

I just searched the Bulletin for the word porn and came up with two hits that indicate that in June of 2004 the Griswold Middle school had children printing out graphic materials and that hard drives were seized containing pornography.

In fact there are so many porn stories during that period it looks as though it were a local cottage industry.

This indicates that both the public, the school board, the authorities, and the law KNEW there was a problem in Windham long before Julie Amero set foot in a classroom. For the responsible parties this suggests criminal negligence in not upgrading EVERY school’s anti-virus and anti-piracy software. Furthermore, by not providing policy guidance, procedural steps to take, and so on EVERY TEACHER in Windham county was being put at risk.

IMO, Norwich is going to have a LOT of explaining to do.

Good for you Frank.

Folks — this issue has still failed to get national media attention. If you have friends in high places, now is the time to alert them to this travesty. They can contact me or others covering the case. We need to get major people involved here.

The appeals process is not a certain one, and there’s a real chance she’s going to prison. And that would be a disaster for a whole lot of reasons.

Alex Eckelberry

Correction: As Dean writes: The Griswold Middle School, cited in the June 04, 2004 Norwich Bulletin article Mr. Krasicki mentions, is in Rocky Hill, CT, a suburb of Hartford located about forty miles from Norwich.