Select Page [ ] is a brilliant site that helps both public and researchers alike determine if an executable file they have is potentially malicious or not.

Julio Canto (of VirusTotal fame) has noticed that somebody decided to cash in  on the good name of the site with the following domain:


Go there, and you’ll see  a message claiming the site is a “free online antivirus scanning service, click SCAN to begin scanning:“


Hit “Scan”, and it isn’t long before this happens:


Yes, we have some Rogue Antivirus advertising in the house, to the tune of “Your computer is infected by viruses” complete with the now familiar fake image of your drives and folders:


Should you download and run the executable file offered up by the site, you’ll end up with the rogue Security Tool on your system.


An unfortunate side effect of a scam like this is that the real VirusTotal could start to receive emails from irate victims of the fake site claiming they’ve “infected my PC” – fingers crossed it doesn’t get to that stage

Remember: the REAL domain for VirusTotal is Don’t fall for this scam!

Chris (Paper Ghost) Boyd