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My good friend Ken Gerbino wrote something last month that’s of interest regarding the current economic situation. You can read it here.

Come to your own conclusions. But I will say that I believe a lot of the hysterical talk right now is hogwash, designed to push through political agendas more than anything else. Yes, there are severe problems, mostly in liquidity and credit, but not nearly at the hysterical levels we’re hearing. It’s not the End of the World as You Know It. It certainly should not be the end of the free market, capitalism and other things which are recognized as more good than bad.

Remembering First Principles:

1. Increasing money supply always equals inflation. Always. It may be seen in asset bubbles, or reduced purchasing power. But more money in circulation decreases its value. There’s really no way around it.

2. Never trust politicians. Ever.

Alex Eckelberry